Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Preventative Measures For Flood Damage

Last year an intense storm brought a lot of rain water to my home water damage Lakeway. The flood damage from the storm was horrible, and I had to call a professional to get rid of it and take care of mold that started to grow. I predict that heavy rain will return again this year, and I'm ready for it. I've taken precautions to prevent flood damage from happening to my home again.

I've created my own sand bags by filling up sacks with sand. The sand bags will act as a first line of defense from the excess rain by blocking it on the ground so it doesn't have a chance to get into my home. If the sand bags fail, then I'll have to rely on my backup plan. I've purchased a large wet vacuum to suck up the water if it reaches the inside of my home.

The sooner I can get the water out of my home, the less chance of damage there will be. Time is a major factor in minimizing damage, which is where the wet vacuum comes in to play by creating an advantage. Since the water is sucked inside of the vacuum, mold doesn't have a chance to grow

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